“The human condition is spiritual and vibrationally induced, electrically and chemically empowered, and biologically and genetically carried out.”
– Fred Bisci

About Me

I am a computer scientist, web developer, writer, thinker and so much more...
But above all things, I am a person. Are you a person?

My main interest areas are bioinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. But above all... living and feeling reality.

I was born in Coimbra, Portugal. I lived in Mata Nacional do Choupal as a young boy which lead me into a deep relationship and interest in Nature and also in the way that Humans have detached themselves from their primordial ways of life.

As a person, I am really close to my dearest friends but somehow detached from the rest of the world. I like to keep things plain and simple agreeing with the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple Stupid). I keep myself updated in different fields of knowledge. I like to keep myself fascinated with the most recent discoveries of science but I am also aware of the problems of our reality and society.

I belong to the army of the great spirit.

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